Who is the person behind Zenon Kar’s Character? Bio, Age, Family, Childhood

Zenon Kar alias Kirsten Storms is an American actress and voice artist. She came into the limelight for portraying the role of 13 years old ‘Zenon Kar’ in the Disney Channel movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century”. Further, the Zenon character is popular as the girl living in the space station. Besides, the character of Zenon is also featured in Zenon: the Zequel and Zenon: Z3.

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Who is the Real Person Portraying the Character of Zenon Kar?

The famous character of the Zenon Trilogy, Zenon Kar is played by the American actress and voice artist Kristen Storms. Kristen’s role as a Zenon is regarded as the career-defining role her. Moreover, she has received a nomination for Young Artist Award in the year 2000 for this character. Further, the trilogy has created a record being the longest-running American soap opera with Guinness world Record, General Hospital (GH) as Maxie Jones Hunter. Besides, Storms is also well known as bell Black in Days of Our Lives and Laura Cummings in 7th Heaven.

Zenon Kar Dating, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Friends
Kristen Storms who Played the character of Zenon Kar Source- Instagram

Zenon Kar Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Childhood

As Zenon Trilogy is based on the future, Zenon Kar first took her breath on earth in 2036. Further, she was born to parents Mark Kar (father) and Astrid Kar (mother). Besides, she grew up as a single child of her parents and has no siblings. As Zenon Trilogy is based in the year 2049, she was 13 years old at that time. Putting some flash into her family, she has an uncle, Edward Plank, and aunt Judy Kling-Plank.  In the Zenon Trilogy, her uncle happens to be the commander of a spaceship. Further, she also has a cousin sister named Dasha Plank.

Zenon Kar Dating, Bio, Age, Family, Height, Friends,
Zenon Kar with her parents Source: MTV

Talking about her childhood, she has been living in the spaceship with her family from the age of five. When Zenon got into trouble with the commander, she was forced to live early with her aunt as her punishment. After that, her story continues, where she has to adjust to the children of the earth.

Zenon Kar Dating a Boy

When Zenon has to live with the children of earth, she finds it very different. However, when she falls in love with the earth boy, Greg, everything changes. As soon as she arrives on the earth, she makes a friendship with Greg which eventually turns into love.  Zenon and Greg have dated each other for two years.  However, later they broke up with each other and continued being a good friend. Besides, she has also made other friends on earth. Her other friends include Nebula Wade and Margie Hammond.  Zenon’s friendship with Nebula and Margie has got an interesting story. These friends started as an enemy and later turned to be friends after understanding each other with passing time.

Body Measurement

As Zenon is just 13 in the story, she has got decent height and weight.  Her height and weight may vary in the other sequel of the movie. Further, she looks very beautiful with her blonde hair and blue eyes. In the movie, she appears in a shiny spacesuit with a long boot.



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